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Ole Bull Ovide Musin in America 1895

Ole Bull, 1810-1880 is now largely forgotten. This newspaper nickname him as "wizard from the North", as his country of origin from Norway suggest. Ole Bull came to America around 1850s and made quite a lot of interesting stories in America, beside giving concert and recitals, he also doing many things such as building a castle and so on. The Wikipedia article did write something about it. This article written on Los Angeles Herald, November 17th 1895, reminiscent on his journey in America. Gives bit of story about his son, Alexander Bull.

Ovide Musin, 1854-1929, was even lesser known violinist. Here bit of portion about his story.

Los Angeles Herald, November 17th 1895


Plans for an Ole Bull celebration at Minneapolis are awakening a great revival of interest in that famous master of the bow. A sufficient length of time has now passed since his death make all personal reminiscences of his various visits to America thoroughly appreciated by those who treasure them in their own minds. His name is surrounded with more and more musical charm; the light Of his genius glows more and more brightly. The time has come for a general ingathering and treasuring of all personal memories and facts in relation to the great "wizard of tbe north." At Madison, Wis., what is now owned by the state and known as the governor's executive residence, wss once the home of Ole Bull's American wife, Sara Thorpe.

... and so on.. please read the scan newspaper.

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