Monday, March 22, 2010

The Violinist Tree from Viotti to current

I just finished compiled a massive Violinist’s Tree. This is a tree telling who teachs who in world of violinist. Started from the day of Viotti to current young violinist like Sarah Chang , Hillary Hahn and Julia Fischer. The source of this information is Wikipedia only. Here you can see that Hillary Hahn is the grand grand grand of Viotti who is grand grand grand student of Archangelo Corelli. I try to search all available big name of violinist and perhaps missed lots of name. I will try to revised this tree in other time, but now please see what I’ve done.

There seems to be two type of violinist school, the Leopold Auer School and Eugene Ysaye School. Their offspring can be read in the Tree. Note also where Shinichi Suzuki was, who famous for his Suzuki method. For newer generation there is Dorothy DeLay and Ivan Galamian of Julliard, who I can’t find reliable source for her teacher, DeLay were responsible for most of today great violinist, just google her name to find out more about her student.

Feedback and comments are more than welcome, and thanks for reading. See attached picture, in this Tree solid line means direct teaching relation while dashed line mean influenced and/or connected to.

addendum 1: Rodolphe Kreutzer teacher was Anton Stamitz, who teached by his father Johann Stamitz. I meantioned this because Kreutzer is a bit important of branch.

ver 2, added Shlomo Mintz,Anne Akiko Meyers,Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Salvatore Accardo, Antal Szalai, Ilya Kaler, James Ehnes and many more.

addendum 2: Added tree for Pablo Sarasate and Kreisler, also for Zakhar Bron School who produce Chloe Hanslip and friends, note that I can't find who is Zakhar Bron's teacher(s). Added Elmar Oliveira also.

addendum 3 : Added tree for Frank Peter Zimmermann and Emmy Verhey. Both are coming from Herman Krebbers who studied at Oskar Back school.

addendum 4 : Added tree for Anne Sophie Mutter, Cho-Liang Lin, Philipe Quint and new star Arabella Steinbacher. Also added violin teacher Robert C. Lipsett who students are Leila Josefowicz,Hahn Bin etc.

addendum 5: added in famous female violinist Jelly d'Aranyi (1893-1966), student of Jeno Hubay. Beriot, Vieuxtemps,Sauret, Tor Aulin Swedish Violinist.


  1. Great achievment! Thank you! I tried to do the same, but not in that scale!

  2. Great! Would You please also do the Arthur Grumiaux tree?

  3. Isn't Elmar Oliveira that portuguese/american violinist still alive and kickin'?...

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    2. By the way, congratulations on the tree!!! It's great to see the connections between these folks ;-)

  4. Amazing! You should do one but with viola players !