Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto by Helena Spitkova

Unknown female violinist (at least I can't find more info on net) done Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor which I listened to for years. Her name is Helena Spitkova and I listening to CD of  Music for Million series, published by Sonia Classic. The orchestra is Philharmonia Slavonica by Alberto Lizzio. This interpretation is my very first for Mendelssohn's and it is served as a standard for me. A good standard I must say.

Update: see this link for more info on the violinist

Mendelssohn concerto is my most favorite for this genre. I like the idea to have a very balance between violin virtuoso (hey, we want that since this is a concerto right??) , an orchestration, a melody line and overall finish. Some works very close to this, Paganini's no.2 'La Campanella' is close to this, but general believe is Paganini's lack in orchestration but strong in melody and virtuosoic. The other extreme, which I also really like, are Joseph Joachim 'Hungarian' violin concerto, very virtuosic but the melody a bit loose and Brahm's violin concerto get a GREAT orchestration, but not purposely to show violin playing in its great.

For now, please listen to this buried gem, performed by Helena Spitkova. Please comments to me if you know more about her. VIDEO


  1. There is a little info on Helena Spitkova at the following address:


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