Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anton Reicha String Quartets Volume 2 - Kreutzer Quartet

Anton Reicha (1770-1836)
Performer: Kreutzer String Quartet , UK
Label: Toccata
Released: March 2014

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The latest update on Kreutzer Quartet's project in recording Anton Reicha's string quartet is on the radar again. The volume 2 is up now to the online store, for pre-order. On this volume, the pieces will be:

String Quartet in C minor Op.49 No.1 (1803-4)
I. Allegro assai
II. Adagio, sempre piano e sostenuto
III. Menuetto (Allegro)
IV. Allegro

String Quartet in E flat Major, Op. 48 No.3 (1802-3)
I. Allegro moderato
II. Largo
III. Menuetto (Allegro assai)
IV. Allegro vivace

the official notes said,:

The Czech-born composer Anton Reicha (1770–1836) was an exact contemporary of Beethoven – and his close friend from their mid-teens: they showed each other their compositions-in-progress.

But although Reicha was closely associated with one of the best-known names in western culture, his own music has been grievously neglected: only his woodwind quintets have achieved any currency.

These quartets were composed in direct dialogue with Beethoven and his Op. 18 string quartets.

This is the second CD in an ambitious project record all of Reicha’s near-40 string quartets, which will reveal one of the most inventive and engaging spirits in classical music.

The Kreutzer Quartet has worked with David Matthews (TOCC0058 and TOCC0059) for many years now; many of his quartets were written with them in mind.

as we know, Toccata has released two of Opus 48 quartets, and if you haven't get their first volume, here's my review.

Anton Reicha Complete String Quartets , Volume Two

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Verhulst String Quartets Op 6 - Utrecht String Quartet

Johannes Verhulst (1816 – 1891)
Performer: Utrecht String Quartet
Label: MDG
Release: March 2014

Johannes Joseph Hermann Verhulst (The Hague, March 19, 1816 – Bloemendaal, January 17, 1891) in the cover said to be Netherland most influential during the nineteenth century. A quick search on wikipedia revealed he composed about three string quartets. Two of the quartet published as Op.6, which is the material we going to heard on this CD. The last quartet is in E flat major published as Op.21 in 1845. Verhulst most interesting fact is, he was scouted by Mendelssohn to study in Leipzig. Robets Schuman also told to be impressed by his composition.

Utrecht String Quartet continued to published unknown string quartet repertoire, especially from their home land, Netherland, and from the Romantic era. The quartet still consisted of Eeva Koskinen (1st v), Katherine Routley (2nd v), Joël Waterman (viola),  Sebastian Koloski (c).

Johannes Verhulst - String Quartets Op.6 No.1 & 2
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String Quartet No.1 in D minor
1. Allegro non troppo
2. Adagio
3. Scherzo Presto scherzando
4. Finale Presto con fuoco

String Quartet No.2 in A flat major
5. Allegro risoluto
6. Adagio
7. Scherzo Presto sompre scherzando
8. Allegretto: Con moto giusto