Friday, February 10, 2012

Hyacinthe Jadin String Quartet - Quatuor Cambini Paris

Hyacinthe Jadin (1776-1800)
Performer: Quatuor Cambini Paris
Label: Timpani
Released: January 2012
String Quartet in B flat major, Op. 1, No. 1
String Quartet in C major, Op. 3, No. 1
String Quartet in A minor, Op. 3, No. 3

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Hyacinthe Jadin, short lived French Classical composer. He composed twelve string quartets, three on each Opus 1,2 and 3. Jadin's works anticipated the music of Franz Schubert; his piano sonatas in particular display a proto-Romanticism, which in parts both rejected and extended the heritage of his Classical predecessors. His works struggle in the environment of French revolution time. Jadin's string quarte had been recorded several times in a compilation of Classical Era string quartet, such as the one by Quatuor Joachim on his Op.1 no.3. But this is the only album exclusively dedicated to Jadin's output on the medium. He was an acknowledged string quartet composer to his contemporaries, his name commonly discussed and referred on this subject.

Quatuor Cambini Paris continue to promote less known string quartets in Classical Era. Their output is much waited and thanks to them we can enjoy some of hidden gems from this era.

Felicien Cesar David String Quartet by Quatuor Cambini

Felicien Cesar David
Performer: Cambini String Quartet / Quatuor Cambini
Label: Ambroisie
Released: March 6, 2012 at Amazon
String Quartet No. 1 in F minor
String Quartet No. 2 in A major
String Quartet No. 4 in E minor (unfinished)

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Here is another less known Classical Era string quartet recorded and published. Félicien-César David (April 13, 1810 – August 29, 1876) was a French composer. Mainly an opera composer. He was pupil to Cherubini. He wrote first string quartet in 1868 in Fm and then three in 1869 in A major, E major and E minor (incomplete). The pieces fall in between late Classical and Romanticism, which I think very much close to Romantic style. He was disciples of Cherubini and Antonin Reicha, friends of Mendelssohn, Listz, Berlioz and others where he usually sung in the gathering.

Comes with the most interesting background story of young David, who travel to Eastern desert, the Eqypt land for his involvement in missionary works. The Saint Simonianism movement was where he join and this enabling him to travel far east. Felicien David composed these quartets under influence of his adventures on that account. The works is melodious Romantic music, with lots of oriental elements. Check the most Eastern tunes in String Quartet no.2 in A major the third movement. It is a shame the string quartet No.4 in E minor was not finished, the single movement can concluded the CD into one word, superb.

Once again it is done by Quatuor Cambini. Based in Paris the line up of Quatuor Cambini Julien Chauvin (violin), Karine Crocquenoy (violin), Pierre-Éric Nimylowycz (viola) & Atsushi Sakaï (cello) had previously released other less known composer named Teixidor and Canales string quartet in good shape.

Here the blurbs from Presto Classic:
The 19th century French composer Félicien David is remembered almost exclusively for his operas-comiques “La Perle du Brésil” and “Le Désert” as well as his oratiorio “Moïse au Sinaï”. However, whereas many of his contemporaries and compatriots such as Gounod, Bizet and Massenet concentrated on writing for the opera house David maintained a lifelong interest in instrumental music. His output includes twenty-four short string quintets, four symphonies, two nonets for brass, four string quartets and three piano trios.

While the influence in his songs and operas was largely Eastern (he spent a considerable amount of time living in Egypt), his chamber music has its roots in the Germanic tradition.


Felicien David String Quartets by Quatuor Cambini Paris

Louis Spohr Complete String Quartet Vol.15

Louis Spohr
Performer: Moscow Philharmonic Concertino String Quartet
                 New Budapest String Quartet
Label: Marcopolo
Released: February 24, 2012

For fans of Louis Spohr, his complete string quartet recording will be once again awaken by the latest installment of Louis Spohr Complete String Quartet Vol.15. The quartets in charge now are the Moscow Philharmonic Concertino String Quartet  and New Budapest String Quartet.

In this volume will be recorded are String Quartet No. 19 in A major, Op. 68 and String Quartet No. 22 in D minor, Op. 74, No. 3. String Quartet No.19 is part of the Quatuor Brilliant No.4. Here the review from Naxos site:

His Quartet No 19 is the fourth of his Quatuors brillants, chamber concertos designed to allow the first violinist, Spohr himself, to flaunt his virtuoso credentials. He ensures, however, that flourish is balanced by expressive themes and songful warmth. Quartet No 22 is one of his greatest compositions, notable not only for its broad, sweeping, even sensual themes tinged with pathos, but for the masterful use of counterpoint and virtuoso elements within a magnificently unified whole.

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