Friday, February 10, 2012

Louis Spohr Complete String Quartet Vol.15

Louis Spohr
Performer: Moscow Philharmonic Concertino String Quartet
                 New Budapest String Quartet
Label: Marcopolo
Released: February 24, 2012

For fans of Louis Spohr, his complete string quartet recording will be once again awaken by the latest installment of Louis Spohr Complete String Quartet Vol.15. The quartets in charge now are the Moscow Philharmonic Concertino String Quartet  and New Budapest String Quartet.

In this volume will be recorded are String Quartet No. 19 in A major, Op. 68 and String Quartet No. 22 in D minor, Op. 74, No. 3. String Quartet No.19 is part of the Quatuor Brilliant No.4. Here the review from Naxos site:

His Quartet No 19 is the fourth of his Quatuors brillants, chamber concertos designed to allow the first violinist, Spohr himself, to flaunt his virtuoso credentials. He ensures, however, that flourish is balanced by expressive themes and songful warmth. Quartet No 22 is one of his greatest compositions, notable not only for its broad, sweeping, even sensual themes tinged with pathos, but for the masterful use of counterpoint and virtuoso elements within a magnificently unified whole.

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