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List of Johann Baptist Vanhal's String Quartets

Johann Baptist Wanhal (May 12, 1739 – August 20, 1813), also spelled Waṅhal or in original Jan Krtitel Vanhal, believed to written more than seventy string quartets. Many also reported to be over 100+, but this figure may be exaggerated. Yet the complete list will probably never known. I try to find more information on this subject and only found this by the moment I write. Vanhal most popular works is his Op. 33 quartets, and  his late non-opus number for 'Hoffmeister' publisher, therefore known as Hoffmester quartets. In records, there are 12 Opuses with 6 string quartets, and then registered 6 quartets with no opus number. Total is 78 string quartets of Johann Baptist Vanhal.

Here are the known quartets :

6 String Quartets Op.1 - (1769 Paris)
No.1  in ?
No.2 in ?
No.3 in G major - [rec. by Kubin String Quartet]
No.4 in C minor (1769) - [rec. by Lotus String Quartet]
No.5 in ?
No. 6 in F major Bryan F6 (1771)

6 String Quartets Op.2 - (1769 Paris)
No.3 in B flat major - [rec. by Kubin String Quartet]

6 String Quartets Op.4 - (1779 Berlin)
No.1 in G major (1780)

6 String Quartets Op.6 (1771-2 Paris)
No.1 in F major Bryan F14 -  [rec. by Kubin String Quartet]
No.2 in  E major -  [rec. by Kubin String Quartet]
No.6 in B flat major -  [rec. by Kubin String Quartet]

6 String Quartets Op.9 - (1772 Paris)
No.1 in ?

6 String Quartets Op.11 (1782 Berlin)
Notes: Udgivet som " 6 quatuors concertants" (Berlin 1782) - også som op.26 (Paris).
No.1 in ?

6 String Quartets Op.13 (1773 Paris)
No.1 in E flat major -  [rec. by Kubin String Quartet] [Stamic Quartet]

6 String Quartets Op.21 (1775-9 Paris)
No.1 in ?

6 String Quartets Op.24 (1779 Paris)
No.1 in ?

6 String Quartets Op.28 (1778 Paris)
No.1 in ?

6 String Quartets Op.33 (1785 Wien)
No.2 in A Major -  [ Lotus String Quartet, Camesina Quartet , Stamic Quartet]
No.3 in F Major - [rec. by Camesina Quartet]

6 Quatours, "Hoffmeister":
No. 2 in E-Flat Major  (1786) - [rec. by Lotus String Quartet, Camesina Quartet]

String Quartet in A major, Bryan A4
String Quartet in C major, Bryan C1
String Quartet in E-flat major
String Quartet in F major, Bryan F6
String Quartet in G major, W.Va:G8 (1780) - [rec. by Lotus String Quartet] [Stamic Quartet]

There were currently only four best known Vanhal recordings:
Stamic Quartet - Supraphone
Kubin Quartet - Multisonic
Camesina Quartet  - Musik Manufaktur Berlin (MMB)
Lotus String Quartet - CPO

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Vanhal : Four String Quartets - Lotus String Quartets (2014)

Johann Baptist Vanhal (May 12, 1739–August 20, 1813)
Performer : Lotus String Quartet
Label: CPO
Release: November 2014

As the string quartet communities geared up for an awake of Classical-era bombing, Johann Baptist Vanhal's is surely one of the composer to dig on. As mentioned in this blog-post before, Vanhal produced nonetheless than hundred string quartets. Those recording of Vanhal included the Kubik quartet for his early string quartets, Stamic Quartet and then the Camesina quartet for the late. In between of them, here Lotus string quartet, whose going to performed and recorded Vanhal four string quartets. The four quartets are two earlier works, in C minor Op.1/4 and in G Major. Then two late quartets, in A op.33/2 and in E flat 'Hoffmeister'. Dubiously the last two are already heard and recorded by Camesina quartet. Surely the Japan team has new interpretation and sounds for these new favorite quartets. Lastly, don't let this Haydenesque quartet unheard by you, grab the CD now.

Read the CD passage:
"Vanhal was one of the most productive composers of the eighteenth century, writing around 1,377 works; including sixty string quartets. The Lotus String Quartet, winners of the International Chamber Music Competition in Japan, interpret four of those quartets here. The press commented ‘Japanese perfection, coupled with German depth of feeling’."

Lotus String Quartet:

Sachiko Kobayashi, 1st Violin (Joannes Tononi 1699)
Mathias Neundorf, 2nd Violin (Andreas Guarnerius 1680)
Tomoko Yamasaki, Viola (Alfonso Della Corte 1870)
Chihiro Saito, Cello (Carlo F. Landolfi 1755)

See List of Vanhal's String Quartets


Johann Baptist Vanhal: Four String Quartet
Lotus String Quartet

String Quartet in C Minor, Op. 1, No. 4
I. Allegro moderato
II. Adagio
III. Minuetto - Trio
IV. Allegro

String Quartet in G Major
I. Allegro molto moderato
II. Aria I-II
III. Adagio
IV. Allegro moderato

String Quartet in A Major, Op. 33, No. 2
I. Allegro moderato
II. Arietta I-II
III. Adagio sostenuto
IV. Rondo: Allegro molto

6 Quatours, "Hoffmeister": No. 2 in E-Flat Major
I. Allegro con fuoco
II. Adagio
III. Allegro