Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vanhal - Late String Quartets (Camesina String Quartet)

Johann Baptist Vanhal
Performer: Camesina String Quartet
Label: MMB
Released: October 2012

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Johann Baptist Vanhal (May 12, 1739–August 20, 1813) or Wanhal, an important Classical era composer with more than a hundred reported string quartet written, 70+ symphonies. He was into string quartet side by side with the giant Haydn and Mozart since he was regularly jamming together in all stars Haydn-Mozart-Dittersdorf-Vanhal string quartet. The string quartet only got attention of publisher and recorded very few. One is by Kubin String Quartet and now Camesina String Quartet effort to get the world know his Late String Quartet.

Camesina String Quartet was form in 2007, interesting note to the name is :
The name Camesina Quartet refers to the Camesina House where W. A. Mozart resided from 1784 until 1787 and where he played the six string quartets dedicated to Joseph Haydn for the first time in the presence of his elder friend. It was in this apartment where the famous quartet parties took place with Joseph Haydn (first violin), Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf (second violin), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (viola) and Jan Vanhal (violoncello) playing string quartets together. The house is named after the stucco plasterer Alberto Camesina, who owned the house for a time, and who decorated it with a Baroque stucco ceiling. It was under this ceiling that Mozart probably composed some of his greatest music, including the six string quartets dedicated to Joseph Haydn. Official site

The also recorded Dussek string quartet and probably going to be Classical Era specialized, and I warmly welcome the group so that more repertoire from the Era will survive. They are Germany based and played on period instruments.

See List of Vanhal's String Quartets

String Quartet op. 33 No 2 in A
String Quartet op. 33 No. 3 in F
String Quartet in E flat No. 2 "Hoffmeister-Quartet"

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