Saturday, April 21, 2012

Haydn Erdody Quartet - Alberni String Quartet 2012

Joseph Haydn
Performer: Alberni String Quartet
Label: Collins Classic
Released: April 2012

Haydn Op.76 "Erdody" Quartets:
CD 1
Quartet No. 60 in G major, Op.76-1, FHE No. 40, Hoboken No. III:75
Quartet No. 61 in D minor "Fifths" Op.76-2, FHE No. 41, Hoboken No. III:76
Quartet No. 62 in C major "Emperor" Op.76-3, FHE No. 42, Hoboken No. III:77

CD 2
Quartet No. 63 in B♭ major "Sunrise" Op.76-4, FHE No. 49, Hoboken No. III:78
Quartet No. 64 in D major "Largo" Op. 76-5, FHE No. 50, Hoboken No. III:79
Quartet No. 65 in E♭ major Op.76-6, FHE No. 51, Hoboken No. III:80

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Collector of Haydn String Quartet need to pay one more addition to their shelf. Alberni String Quartet, a veteran ensemble hailed from Essex, UK decided to put in their signature of the Erdody String Quartet. The package is in two CD. Here comes the most famous Haydn set of quartet Op.76 included the Emperor quartet and the Fifth.

(it seems as 2015, Amazon no longer stock this CD...)

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