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Ole Bull Ovide Musin in America 1895

Ole Bull, 1810-1880 is now largely forgotten. This newspaper nickname him as "wizard from the North", as his country of origin from Norway suggest. Ole Bull came to America around 1850s and made quite a lot of interesting stories in America, beside giving concert and recitals, he also doing many things such as building a castle and so on. The Wikipedia article did write something about it. This article written on Los Angeles Herald, November 17th 1895, reminiscent on his journey in America. Gives bit of story about his son, Alexander Bull.

Ovide Musin, 1854-1929, was even lesser known violinist. Here bit of portion about his story.

Los Angeles Herald, November 17th 1895


Plans for an Ole Bull celebration at Minneapolis are awakening a great revival of interest in that famous master of the bow. A sufficient length of time has now passed since his death make all personal reminiscences of his various visits to America thoroughly appreciated by those who treasure them in their own minds. His name is surrounded with more and more musical charm; the light Of his genius glows more and more brightly. The time has come for a general ingathering and treasuring of all personal memories and facts in relation to the great "wizard of tbe north." At Madison, Wis., what is now owned by the state and known as the governor's executive residence, wss once the home of Ole Bull's American wife, Sara Thorpe.

... and so on.. please read the scan newspaper.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Manfredini Complete String Quartets - Quartetto Delfico

Vincenzo Manfredini (1737 – 1799) 
Performer: Quartetto Delfico
Label: Brilliant Classics
Release: June 2014

Vincenzo Manfredini (22 October 1737 – 5 or 16 August 1799) is Italian Classical era composer. Seeing his live timeline we got to know Vincenzo might have witness the birth of string quartet genre first hand, via Haydn invention. This set of quartets, six of them, come all in three movements form. Vincenzo learn from his more famous dad, Francesco Manfredini.

The quartets sounds like a marriage between late Baroque and Haydn. Quartetto Delfico recorded these quartets in a crispy string sounding around 6-8 September 2013, Villa San Fermo, Lonigo, Italy. It is of course in historical instruments.

Vincenzo Manfredini (1737-1799)
Complete String Quartets

01. String Quartet No. 5 in G Major: I. Allegro (03:31)
02. String Quartet No. 5 in G Major: II. Adagio (04:24)
03. String Quartet No. 5 in G Major: III. Allegretto (03:03)
04. String Quartet No. 2 in B-Flat Major: I. Andante (04:30)
05. String Quartet No. 2 in B-Flat Major: II. Allegro molto (03:08)
06. String Quartet No. 2 in B-Flat Major: III. Minuè (02:21)
07. String Quartet No. 4 in C Major: I. Allegro (05:25)
08. String Quartet No. 4 in C Major: II. Grave (04:42)
09. String Quartet No. 4 in C Major: III. Allegretto (03:20)
10. String Quartet No. 3 in A Major: I. Allegro (03:57)
11. String Quartet No. 3 in A Major: II. Adagio (07:35)
12. String Quartet No. 3 in A Major: III. Allegretto (02:16)
13. String Quartet No. 6 in F Major: I. Allegro con brio (04:33)
14. String Quartet No. 6 in F Major: II. Andante (05:46)
15. String Quartet No. 6 in F Major: III. Presto (02:33)
16. String Quartet No. 1 in D Major: I. Allegro brioso (03:42)
17. String Quartet No. 1 in D Major: II. Largo (04:55)
18. String Quartet No. 1 in D Major: III. Presto (02:29)

Quartetto Delfico :
Mauro Massa - violin
Gerardo Vitale - violin
Valeria Brunelli - cello
Andrea Vassalle - viola

Monday, June 2, 2014

Janos Vegh String Quartet - Authentic String Quartet (2014)

Janos Vegh (1845-1918)
Performer: Authentic String Quartet
Label: Hungaroton
Release: January 2014

A rather unknown composer from Hungary, János Végh jr. (1845-1918) is described as ranked composer whom was conservative Romanticism. Sounds great for a good old school Budapest Romanticism. Authentic String Quartet is the one credited for discovery of these works. There are three quartets: in F Major, G minor and D major.

A translations from the Hungaroton website:
"Végh was considered representative of a conservative romanticism. With Franz Liszt, he was good friends and transcribed some of his works for piano four hands - and vice versa. Végh was Vice President of the Budapest Academy of Music, under the presidency of Liszt. Since that was often traveling, Végh had de facto head of the Institute held. Many of his orchestral works, songs and piano pieces appeared in print. Not so the three newly discovered string that represents the Authentic Quartet on period instruments from the time of the music. Since its inception, the quartet has specialized in this form of re-discovery, re-performing and recording music of the 18th and 19th century from Central Europe and Hungary."


Streichquartett F-Dur / String Quartet in F Major

1 1. Allegro moderato Start
2 2. Serenatina: Allegretto grazioso moderato Start
3 3. Andantino non troppo Start
4 4. Presto Start

Streichquartett g-moll / String Quartet in  G minor

5 1. Allegro moderato Start
6 2. Presto Start
7 3. Andante con moto Start
8 4. Finale: Allegro vivace Start

Streichquartett F-Dur / String Quartet in D Major

9 1. Grave - Allegro Start
10 2. Vivace Start
11 3. Andantino con moto Start
12 4. Allegro con spirito

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Forgotten String Quartet in hunt for the Greatest Forgotten String Quartets

If you are the reader of this blog I assume you also a keen follower on Forgotten String Quartets blog, who hunt and write for neglected string quartet pieces also. If you haven't now quick visit their blog. Their page has now open a voting game to hunt for the Greatest Forgotten String Quartets. Of course all most Beethoven,  Mozart and Haydn has been banned from the list. Instead we got to learn about Boccherini, Benjamin Franklin !, Pleyel, Saint-George, Niccola Paganini !!, Donizetti and so on.

Check their string quartet list and enjoy the discovery. If you stung by forgotten string quartet fever, please check our own recommendations here (posted 3 years ago....) and the bulky list of String Quartet Composers here.

Go to their voting page now!

UPDATED: I just learn that the voting game might be over already. The winner piece will get their concert by Goldner String Quartet and New Zealand String Quartet on the stage. Learn more about this on their discussion page HERE.

Forgotten String Quartets are regular read for our forgotten string quartet research, and I recommend this web whole heartily.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Gaetano Brunetti String Quartets - Carmen Veneris (2014)

Gaetano Brunetti (1744 - Madrid, 1798)
Performer: Carmen Veneris, Spain
Label: Lindoro
Release: June 2014


Gaetano Brunetti's string quartets had been made into records by Schuppanzigh Cologne Quartett. Aside from those four quartets, we got now Carmen Veneris covering another four new quartets. Brunetti was Italian composer who gained his luck in the Spaniard monarchy. He was serving Charles III in 1767.

"Brunetti studied with violinist Carlo Tessarini, director of an academy in Fano, but believes further studies at Livorno with Nardini. It is a fact that when he arrived in Madrid with his father in 1762, he was already a skilled performer. He entered the service of Charles III in 1767 as a violinist of the Royal Chapel, going to be, three years later, the Prince of Asturias Professor. Also spent time in the service of the house of Alba, for which he wrote his Quartets Op.2, one of which opens the recording discussed.

To be crowned King Charles IV in 1788, Brunetti began his tenure as director of the Royal House, writing the Jason zarzuela and lots of orchestral works, including six symphonies, 34 overtures. The No. 33, called Il maniac trust is famous for the role of this character the cello. In chamber music was as relentless as his supposed adversary, Boccherini."
- Andrés Ruiz Tarazona  via Google translate

This made him the second composer who connected to the West, the other is Luigi Boccherini. His quartet also said to be connected with Joseph Haydn, whom believe to be his teacher also. From the booklet in Schuppanzigh CD, Brunetti's quartets included:
Six early quartets for Duke of Alba
Six quartet in 1774 op.2
Six short two movement quartets op.3
Six quartets in 1775 op.4
Six quartets in 1776 op.5
then composed sixteen quartets until 1792

The four quartets in Carmen Veneris repertoire are:

String Quartet in A minor op.2, n.4 L. 153 - Youtube sample
I. Allegro moderato 06:13
II. Minuetto. Trio 01:59
III. Andantino con un poco di motto 02:49
IV. Finale presto 01:31

String Quartet in G Major op.3, n.6 L. 161.
I. Andantino con variazioni 06:45
II. Allegro 03:48

String Quartet in B flat Major serie 8, n.7 L. 196.
I. Allegro maestoso 07:15
II. Largo sostenuto 06:08
III. Allegro non molto 05:13

String Quartet in D Major serie 8, n.10 L.199.
I. Allegro moderato 06:57
II. Largo cantabile 04:20
III. Allegro vivace 07:00

Carmen Veneris was founded in the year 2005 by Guillermo Martín and Pablo Almazán. They had been interested in searching Spanish Classical repertoire of 17th and 18th century. Carmen Veneris are:
Miguel Romero Crespo, violín
Rafael Muñoz-Torrero Santos, violín
Pablo Almazán Jaén, viola
Guillermo Martín Gámiz, violoncello
You can viewed their YOUTUBE Channel with excerpts of Gaetano Brunetti quartets.

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List of String Quartet Composers - The (Almost) Complete List Ever

 This LIST OF STRING QUARTET COMPOSER - THE (ALMOST) COMPLETE , is an additional list to Wikipedia article.  As you may found in my previous three articles on Additional List of String Quartet Composers (part 2, part 3), these are mean to provided more composers entry for Wikipedia's List of String Quartet Composers. There are actually hundred of names did not make it into Wikipedia list, which is why I ended up putting names after names into the list.

This list is works of my research, via online or by collecting string quartet recordings. I will by time to time try to edit and fix the format. However, I found this list already understandable enough. Please feel free to add in comments section, if you find missing composer, especially from Classical era. My previous list , I declared as supersede, replace by this one.


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Anton Reicha String Quartets Volume 2 - Kreutzer Quartet

Anton Reicha (1770-1836)
Performer: Kreutzer String Quartet , UK
Label: Toccata
Released: March 2014

Buy It Here - Amazon

The latest update on Kreutzer Quartet's project in recording Anton Reicha's string quartet is on the radar again. The volume 2 is up now to the online store, for pre-order. On this volume, the pieces will be:

String Quartet in C minor Op.49 No.1 (1803-4)
I. Allegro assai
II. Adagio, sempre piano e sostenuto
III. Menuetto (Allegro)
IV. Allegro

String Quartet in E flat Major, Op. 48 No.3 (1802-3)
I. Allegro moderato
II. Largo
III. Menuetto (Allegro assai)
IV. Allegro vivace

the official notes said,:

The Czech-born composer Anton Reicha (1770–1836) was an exact contemporary of Beethoven – and his close friend from their mid-teens: they showed each other their compositions-in-progress.

But although Reicha was closely associated with one of the best-known names in western culture, his own music has been grievously neglected: only his woodwind quintets have achieved any currency.

These quartets were composed in direct dialogue with Beethoven and his Op. 18 string quartets.

This is the second CD in an ambitious project record all of Reicha’s near-40 string quartets, which will reveal one of the most inventive and engaging spirits in classical music.

The Kreutzer Quartet has worked with David Matthews (TOCC0058 and TOCC0059) for many years now; many of his quartets were written with them in mind.

as we know, Toccata has released two of Opus 48 quartets, and if you haven't get their first volume, here's my review.

Anton Reicha Complete String Quartets , Volume Two