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List of String Quartet Composers - The (Almost) Complete List Ever

 This LIST OF STRING QUARTET COMPOSER - THE (ALMOST) COMPLETE , is an additional list to Wikipedia article.  As you may found in my previous three articles on Additional List of String Quartet Composers (part 2, part 3), these are mean to provided more composers entry for Wikipedia's List of String Quartet Composers. There are actually hundred of names did not make it into Wikipedia list, which is why I ended up putting names after names into the list.

This list is works of my research, via online or by collecting string quartet recordings. I will by time to time try to edit and fix the format. However, I found this list already understandable enough. Please feel free to add in comments section, if you find missing composer, especially from Classical era. My previous list , I declared as supersede, replace by this one.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anton Reicha String Quartets Volume 2 - Kreutzer Quartet

Anton Reicha (1770-1836)
Performer: Kreutzer String Quartet , UK
Label: Toccata
Released: March 2014

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The latest update on Kreutzer Quartet's project in recording Anton Reicha's string quartet is on the radar again. The volume 2 is up now to the online store, for pre-order. On this volume, the pieces will be:

String Quartet in C minor Op.49 No.1 (1803-4)
I. Allegro assai
II. Adagio, sempre piano e sostenuto
III. Menuetto (Allegro)
IV. Allegro

String Quartet in E flat Major, Op. 48 No.3 (1802-3)
I. Allegro moderato
II. Largo
III. Menuetto (Allegro assai)
IV. Allegro vivace

the official notes said,:

The Czech-born composer Anton Reicha (1770–1836) was an exact contemporary of Beethoven – and his close friend from their mid-teens: they showed each other their compositions-in-progress.

But although Reicha was closely associated with one of the best-known names in western culture, his own music has been grievously neglected: only his woodwind quintets have achieved any currency.

These quartets were composed in direct dialogue with Beethoven and his Op. 18 string quartets.

This is the second CD in an ambitious project record all of Reicha’s near-40 string quartets, which will reveal one of the most inventive and engaging spirits in classical music.

The Kreutzer Quartet has worked with David Matthews (TOCC0058 and TOCC0059) for many years now; many of his quartets were written with them in mind.

as we know, Toccata has released two of Opus 48 quartets, and if you haven't get their first volume, here's my review.

Anton Reicha Complete String Quartets , Volume Two

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Verhulst String Quartets Op 6 - Utrecht String Quartet

Johannes Verhulst (1816 – 1891)
Performer: Utrecht String Quartet
Label: MDG
Release: March 2014

Johannes Joseph Hermann Verhulst (The Hague, March 19, 1816 – Bloemendaal, January 17, 1891) in the cover said to be Netherland most influential during the nineteenth century. A quick search on wikipedia revealed he composed about three string quartets. Two of the quartet published as Op.6, which is the material we going to heard on this CD. The last quartet is in E flat major published as Op.21 in 1845. Verhulst most interesting fact is, he was scouted by Mendelssohn to study in Leipzig. Robets Schuman also told to be impressed by his composition.

Utrecht String Quartet continued to published unknown string quartet repertoire, especially from their home land, Netherland, and from the Romantic era. The quartet still consisted of Eeva Koskinen (1st v), Katherine Routley (2nd v), Joël Waterman (viola),  Sebastian Koloski (c).

Johannes Verhulst - String Quartets Op.6 No.1 & 2
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String Quartet No.1 in D minor
1. Allegro non troppo
2. Adagio
3. Scherzo Presto scherzando
4. Finale Presto con fuoco

String Quartet No.2 in A flat major
5. Allegro risoluto
6. Adagio
7. Scherzo Presto sompre scherzando
8. Allegretto: Con moto giusto

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Zoltan Kodály String Quartet No.1 and No.2 - Dante Quartet (2014)

Zoltán Kodály (16 December 1882 – 6 March 1967)
Performer : Dante Quartet
Label : Hyperion
Released: February 2014

Although Zoltan Kodaly is a big name in Hungarian Classical music scenes, his string quartets is less known in public. Zoltan wrote two full string quartets in the spirit of late Romantic or nationalistic movements. The only recording I ever listen to is from the Roth Quartet perhaps recorded in the '50s!

A professional notes on this CD :

After the success of the First String Quartet at Kodály’s first public concert as a composer, on 17 March 1910, he wrote his String Quartet No 2, Op 10, between 1916 and 1918, a period when hostilities cut him off from fieldwork. The piece was dedicated to the Waldbauer-Kerpely Quartet who had premiered its predecessor as well as giving the first Hungarian performance of the Debussy Quartet that had been its model. Debussy’s influence can still be heard within the pentatonic harmonies of the Second Quartet, though they take on even more magyar tones. Introspective at first, the opening Allegro contrasts quickfire dissonance with more elegiac passages. Again the music has a discursive quality, though a freer modality now reigns. Dance rhythms quietly try to assert themselves within the Andante, though they are stymied by more yearning tones. Finally that energy is unleashed with a pizzicato jolt at the beginning of the final movement and a helter-skelter exchange of thematic material. After a moment of unearthly pause, complete with destabilizing glissandos, Kodály ends with a wild coda.

from notes by Gavin Plumley © 2014

The Dante Quartet, winners of the BBC Music Magazine Award for their album of Franck and Fauré, respond to this music with dancing energy and folkloric simplicity.

Zoltan Kodaly String Quartet No.1 and No.2 - BUY IT HERE - AMAZON

1. String Quartet No 1 Op 2 [41'18]
I Andante poco rubato – Allegro [11'54]
II Lento assai, tranquillo [12'52]
III Presto [4'05]
IV Allegro [12'27]

2. Intermezzo for string trio - Zoltán Kodály & Simon Perry (5:10)

3. Gavotte for 3 violins & cello - Zoltán Kodály & Simon Perry (2:34)

4. String Quartet No 2 Op 10 [17'31]
I Allegro [6'00]
II Andante, quasi recit. [4'52]
III Allegro giocoso [6'39]

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Photo of Kruse-Hausmann-Joseph Joachim-Wirth in String Quartet 1896

An old photo of string quartet with Joseph Joachim as first violinist. This photo reportedly date 1896.

Robert Hausmann, Cellist.
Joseph Joachim (1831-1907), Violinist.
Johann Kruse (1859-1927), Violinist;
Emmanuel Wirth (1842-1923), viola?

London String Quartet - Raoul Vidas - Josef Piastro Borissoff in New York 1920

This is one of my found string quartet article from a search in the Library of Congress. I manage to edit some of interesting stories. Check the other string quartet in old newspaper scan in this link.

This is a page in New York Tribune, 30th October 1920 and then New York Times 10 October 1920. The classical music were pleased by several entertainment on that time. Notably was London String Quartet. Then two young violinist to make their New York performance, Raoul Vidas and Josef Piastro Borissoff. Both still traceable in the Google search nowday. Here the newspaper scan, enjoy the vintage.

Flonzaley Quartet - 1920 The Pullman Herald

This is one of my found string quartet article from a search in the Library of Congress. I manage to edit some of interesting stories. Check the other string quartet in old newspaper scan in this link.

The Flonzaley String Quartet was surely one of leading string quartet in America back in the day. This is a short article about the ensemble that to be performed at local area. Article from The Pullman Herald  23rd April 1920. The article passages:

Flonzaley Quartet in Pullman 1920

The Flonzaley Quartet is generally recognized as the leading string quartet of the present day. The string quartet produces the highest form of music and this concert should be one of the best ever heard in Pullman.

"They play more like angels than like men"—James G. Huneker in the New York Times.

"The Flonzaley Quartet is rapidly becoming the cult in the musical world."—H. E. Krehbiel in the New
York Tribune.

"The quartet is indisputably without a rival."—Philip Hale in the Boston Herald.

"Their perfection of technic, remarkable blending of tone and musical attainments rank them first in
artistic merit as an organization."
—Maurice Rosenfeld in the Chicago News.

"The finest quartet now in existence is the one calling itself the Flonzaley Quartet."- Philadelphia

Flonzaley String Quartet can be read further in Wikipedia.