Saturday, March 22, 2014

List of String Quartet Composers - The (Almost) Complete List Ever

 This LIST OF STRING QUARTET COMPOSER - THE (ALMOST) COMPLETE , is an additional list to Wikipedia article.  As you may found in my previous three articles on Additional List of String Quartet Composers (part 2, part 3), these are mean to provided more composers entry for Wikipedia's List of String Quartet Composers. There are actually hundred of names did not make it into Wikipedia list, which is why I ended up putting names after names into the list.

This list is works of my research, via online or by collecting string quartet recordings. I will by time to time try to edit and fix the format. However, I found this list already understandable enough. Please feel free to add in comments section, if you find missing composer, especially from Classical era. My previous list , I declared as supersede, replace by this one.

updated: Feb, 17th 2017 (major updated from list given by reader in commentary)