Monday, September 24, 2012

Wolfl String Quartets Op.3 and Op.10 - Quatuor Mosaiques

Wolfl Joseph (1773-1812) / Joseph Woelfl
Performer: Quatuor Mosaiques
Label: Paladino
Released: August 2012

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Joseph Wolfl, the Salzburg who popular for piano duel with Beethoven. He studied under Leopold Mozart and friend to Michael Haydn. Composed around eighteen string quartets, Op.4, Op.10 were in dated 1798-1799. And Op.30, which is believe as his youth string quartet. Op.4 is known as Trois Quartet, is a quartet concertants.

Three recording of his string quartets are now available, and the latest is Quatuor Mosaiques with his Op.4 and Op.10 recording. The previous are by the Authentic String Quartet Op.3, the Pratum Orchestra with Op.30. Quatuor Mosaiques that the left behind Op.10.

(missed print as Op.5)

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