Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Silent String Quartet is a reflection of my personal journey into the world of music. What kind of music? The most specific is the String Quartet genre in classical music. A little bit further would be the chamber music then a violin orientated piece like the concertos and finally the whole Classical Music genre. To concluded it, this little blog  will also has a review on the greater kingdom of music like metal music, jazz, new age, gospel, folk or whatever good sound human kind can come out to.

I am an avid listener of string quartet and already collected hundreds of movements. I hope I can spare a time to write down some buried gems like Spohr's Quartets, or Boccherini's because it is still hard to find such info on internet. Keep in mind I am not even a violinist and maybe light year away for being understand why such a note being played, but at least I hope I can provide you an opinion from un trained ear, about the music.

In the middle of the road I will put in a referral link (example Mozart CD) of my reflected music just in case I got a luck for being paid for... yes kind of greedy thinking isn't it? But this is the only way I can hope for being benefit by writing this so spare some thought if you like my reference by using my referral for your purchasing.

Finally, please moving on then..

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