Monday, April 27, 2015

Christian Ernst Graf - Five String Quartets (2015)

Composer: Christian Ernst Graf (1723 – 1804)
Performer : Via Nova Quartet
Label: CPO
Release: May 2015

CPO has once again show their attention to unknown Classical era of string quartet pieces. Christian Ernst Graf, only known as German Kappelmeister and composer has been recorded to has at least six string quartets composition. Via Nova Quartet is the one who going to premiere his composition into a record. The CD notes said:

About Christian Ernst Graf (1723-1804) little is known, but we do have sources enabling an understanding of his music. Just prior to Graf's death, H. C. Koch published the most important music lexicon of his times. Like this lexicon, Graf's music documents the eventful stylistic developments from baroque to classicism. Graf's clear, intelligent music links all sorts of heterogeneous melodic ideas, sequences, varies or imitates them in playful alternation and provides contrast with chromatic counterparts. The Via Nova Quartet interprets his five string quartets on historical instruments. 

If you feeling a little bit familiar, Christian is the younger brother of more famous, Friedrich Hartmann Graf  (23 August 1727 – 19 August 1795) . Friedrich was also champion in chamber music, especially his flute quartet and flute concerto.

The exact tracks and information about this CD is also little known at the moment. Let's hope we can quickly heard this exciting neglected pieces.

Christian Ernts Graf - Five String Quartets

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