Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Carl Goldmark String Quartets and String Quintets - Haydn Quartett (2015)

Composer: Carl Goldmark (1830-1915)
Performer: Haydn Quartett
Label: Gramola
Releases : May 2015

Carl Goldmark (or something, Karl), best known for his opera "The Queen of Sheba", Rustic Wedding Symphony and Violin Concerto No.1 in A minor, is Hungarian composer of Jewish descendant. Carl widely regarded as one of Vienna-based composer. He was born in 1830, just a few year after Haydn's Op.76. Less remember by many chamberian lover, Carl Goldmark String Quartet in B-flat major Op.8 is existed in this world. The quartet noted to be produce around 1860. Making it is as  interesting specimen of late Vienna Classical period. The quartet recorded by Haydn Quartett to be paired with Carl's String Quintet in A minor Op.9It should be noted also that this string quartet is rarely found in recording before. So let's celebrated and heard this exiting pieces done by the talented Haydn Quartett.

Streichquartett,Streichquintett Carl Goldmark  -  BUY IT HERE
Haydn Quartett / Rudolf Leopold

Streichquartett B-Dur op. 8 / String Quartet in B-flat Major Op.8
1 I. Andante - Allegro moderato    
2 II. Andante sostenuto 9:51
3 III. Allegro vivace 3:02
4 IV. Allegro molto 7:56  
Strecihquintett a-Moll op. 9  / String Quintet in A minor op.9
5 I. Allegro molto 16:01    
6 II. Andante con moto 8:33
7 III. Allegro molto 4:16
8 IV. Andante maestoso - Allegro 9:09

Haydn Quartett
Fritz Kircher (first violin)
Martin Kocsis (second violin)
Gerswind Olthoff (viola)
Nikolai New (cello)
Rudolf Leopold (cello)

new Carl Goldmark chamber piece records by Gramola 2015

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