Saturday, May 11, 2013

International Bordeaux String Quartet Competition 2013

Schumann Quartett just awarded first prize at International Bordeaux String Quartet Competition 2013. The competition runs in May 2013 finished on Saturday, 11th May 2013. Hail from Cologne Germany,  Schumann Quartett consist of  Erik Schumann, violin, Ken Schumann, violin, Liisa Randalu, viola and
 Mark Schumann, cello. They were recipient of several awards included, first prize at the International Schubert and Modern Music Competition (Austria). In 2011, they were amongst the prizewinners at the renowned Paolo Borciani Competition (Italy) and the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition (Japan). They will try another luck in BANFF String Quartet competition 2013.

Concluded winners International Bordeaux String Quartet Competition 2013:

FIRST GRAND PRIX - 20,000 euros
Schumann Quartet - Website
Magnum Château Pétrus and Château Lafite Rothschild

SECOND PRIZE - 10,000 euros
Ellipse Quartet
Magnum Château d'Yquem and Chateau Haut Brion

PRICE XXth century (2nd Test) - 5000 euros
Ellipse Quartet
Schumann Quartett

Prices of Palazzetto Bru Zane - 3000 euros
(Best Execution Quartet opus 16 Alberic Magnard)
Ellipse Quartet

Prices of Musical Youth'' Deutschland''
Dudok Quartet / Dudok Kwartet
Magnum Château Cheval Blanc

PRICE'' International Summer Academy for Chamber Music Niedersachsen''
Tesla Quartet - Magnum Château Mouton Rothschild
Capriccio Quartet
Girard Quartet
Quartet Sun

Jean-François Moueix trophy sculpted by Abram
Schumann Quartet
Quartet Ellipse
Dudok Quartet
Quartet Tesla.

The Seventh International Bordeaux String Quartet Competition is on the way today. Four finalist had been announced to finish the event in final performance.

- Tesla String quartet (USA)
   Ross Snyder - Michelle Lie ( violons) - Megan Mason - Kimberly Patterson 

- Dudok Kwartet (Netherland)
   Judith van Driel - Marleen Wester ( violons) - Mark Mulder - David Faber 

- Quatuor Ellipse (French)

   Lyodoh Kaneko - Young-Eun Koo ( violons) - Allan Swieton - Florent Carrière 

- Schumann Quartett (Germany)
   Erik Schumann - Ken Schumann ( violons ) - Liisa Randalu - Mark Schumann

 ... are going  to play A. Magnard Quartet Op.16 and choices of Mozart Prussians Quartets (K.575,589,590) on Saturday May 11th 2013, location Auditorium Bordeaux.

The official website is HERE

Schumann Quartett (Germany)

Tesla String Quartet (USA)

Dudok Kwartet (Netherland)

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