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List of String Quartet Competition and Winners

There are many string quartet competitions, here I try to listed those notables one. The winners / laureates are to be completed as the time goes. Please contribute if possible.

updated: 11 Sept 2016

The Carl Nielsen International Chamber Music Competition Copenhagen - website

Competition for string quartet and wind quintet

1st - Quatuor Arod (France)
2nd - Quartet Berlin-Tokyo
3rd - Cosmos Quartet

Concours de Geneva - The Geneva Competition

Admission for 2016 string quartet competition - ON GOING NOVEMBER 2016!
Past Laureates

Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition
Organized by Chamber Music Australia

The next Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition will be held in 2015 from 11-19 July.

2011 6th Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition:
Amaryllis Quartet - Grand Prize
Kelemen Kvartett
Attaca Quartet (USA)

2007 5th Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition:
Badke String Quartet (UK) : 1st Prize, Peter Druce Audience Prize
Navarra Quartet (UK) : 2nd Prize
Ardeo String Quartet (France) : 3rd Prize

2003 4th Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition:
(the website listed an identical winners to 1999 edition, so there must be a mistake)

1999 3rd Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition:
Paizo Quartet (Denmark) - 1st
Cremona Quartet (Italy) - 2nd
Tankstream Quartet - 3rd , Audience Prize

1995 2nd Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition:
Vertavo String Quartet (Norway) - 1st, Audience Prize
Veronika String Quartet (Russia) - 2nd
Yggdrasil String Quartet (Sweden) - 3rd

1991 1st Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition:
St Petersburg Quartet (formerly Leningrad String Quartet, USSR) - 1st
St Lawrence String Quartet (Canada) - 2nd
lark Quartet (USA) - 3rd

Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition

2013 Asia Pacific Chamber Music Competition:
AMBER QUARTET from China - 1st Prize
ORAVA QUARTET from Australia - Audience Prize

2009 Asia-Pacific Chamber Music Competition:
Hamer Quartet
Tasman String Quartet

2005 Australian Chamber Music Competition:
TinAlley String Quartet

Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition
previously only compete in String Trio but from year 2013, string quartet is included. Based in Norway

2014 is for Piano Trio competition

2013 7th Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition
Van Kuijk Quartet - 1st
Idomeneo String Quartet - 2nd
Jubilee Quartet - 3rd

Osaka International Chamber Music Competition
String Quartet, Piano Trio and free duo instrumental combination as their competition section

2014 8th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition
Arcadia Quartet (Romania) - 1st
Cavaleri Quartet (UK) - 2nd
Wasmuth Quartet (USA) - 3rd

2011 7th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition
Attacca Quartet (USA) - 1st
Schumann Quartett (Germany) - 2nd
Verus String Quartet (Japan / Swiss) - 3rd

2008 6th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition
Doric String Quartet (UK) - 1st
Cecilia String Quartet (Canada) - 2nd
Galatea Quartet (Galatea) - 3rd
Novus Quartet (S.Korea) - 3rd

International "Joseph Haydn" Chamber Music Competition
String Quartet and Piano Trio - OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Abel Quartet - shared 1st
Pacific Quartet Vienna - shared 1st
   - 2nd winner not awarded -
Tesla Quartet - 3rd

Quartuor Zaide - 1st
Gémeaux Quartet - 2nd
Novus String Quartet - 4rd

ARD International Music Competition Munich
very long tradition from 1950s, a lot of music form and string quartet is one of them

string quartet was absent, instead wind quartet, violoncello and other form take place in this year

Armida Quartet (Germany) - 1st
Novus String Quartet (S.Korea) - 2nd
Calidore String Quartet (Canada/USA) - 3rd

Apollon Musagete Quartet (Poland) - 1st
Afiara String Quartet (Canada) - 2nd
Gemeaux Quartett (Germany / Swiss) - 3rd
Verus String Quartet (Japan) - 3rd

Quatuor Ebene (French) - 1st
Faust Quartett (Germany) - 2nd
Quatuor Benaim (Israel / Frankreich) - 3rd

Avalon Quartett (Canada /USA) - 2nd
Quartetto Prometeo (Italy ) - 3rd

Artemis Quartet (Germany/Russia) - 1st
Quatuor Castagneri (Romania) - 3rd

Mandelring Quartet (Germany) - 2nd
Neues Leipziger Streichquartett (Germnay) - 2nd

Parisii Quartett (French) - 1st
Petersen Quartet (DDR) - 2nd

Havlak Quartett (CSSR) - 2nd
Auryn Quartett (BRD) - 3rd
Chester Quartett (USA) - 3rd

Eder Quartett (USA) - 2nd
International String Quartet (USA) - 3rd
Polnisches Streichquartett (Poland) - 3rd

Academica Quartett (Romania) - 2nd
Robert Schumann Quartett (BRD) - 3rd
Wilanow Quartett (Poland) - 3rd

Tokyo String Quartet (Japan) - 1st
Schischlov Quartett (USSR) - 3rd

Dimov Quartett (Bulgaria) - 1st
Bernede Quartett (French) - 2nd
University of Southern California String Quartet (USA) - 3rd

Weiner Quartett (Ungarn) - 2nd
Weller Quartett (Osterreich) - 2nd

International Franz Schubert and Modern Music Competition
Piano and Voice, Piano and Violin, String Quartet (started 1997)

1st Prize and Audience Prize : BELENUS QUARTETT (Switzerland / Germany)
2nd Prize : Quartetto Lyskamm (Italy)
3rd Prize : Quartet Berlin-Tokyo

Schumann Quartett (Germany) - 1st
Quatuor Varese (French) - 3rd

Anima Quartet (Rusia) - 1st
Quatuor Voce (French) - 2nd
Amaryllis Quartett (Germany) - 3rd

Minetti Quartet - 2nd
Rubens Quartett - 3rd

Ariel Quartet (Israel) - 1st
Aviv Quartet (Israel) - 2nd
Twins Quartet (Russia) - 3rd
Quatuor Terpsycordes - Best Interpretation

Quartetto Armonico (Japan) - 1st
Amar Quartett (Switzerland) - 2nd
Contempo (Romania) - 3rd

Jerusalem Quartett (Israel) - 1st
Quinten Quartet (Russia) - 2nd

BANFF International String Quartet Competition
String Quartet competition at Alberta, Canada - website

Rolston String Quartet (Canada)
Tesla String Quartet (USA, Korea, Russia)
Castalian Quartet (UK)

The Dover String Quartet (USA)
Quatuor Cavatina (France)
Navarra Quartet (UK/Ireland/Netherlands)

Cecilia String Quartet (Canada)
Afiara String Quartet (Canada)
Quatuor Zaïde (France)

TinAlley String Quartet (Australia)
Zemlinksy Quartet (Czech Republic)
Ariel Quartet (U.S./Israel)
Tokai Quartet (Canada)

Jupiter Quartet (U.S.)
Ensō Quartet (U.S.)
Royal String Quartet (Poland)
Fry Street Quartet (U.S.)

Daedalus Quartet (U.S.)
Kuss Quartet (Germany)
Delancey Quartet (U.S.)
Quatuor Satie (France)

Miró Quartet (U.S.)
Castagneri Quartet (France)
Belcea Quartet (United Kingdom)
Avalon Quartet (United States)

Amernet Quartet (U.S.)
Everest Quartet (U.S.)
Henschel Quartett (Germany)
Montclaire Quartet (U.S.)

St. Lawrence String Quartet (Canada)
Ying Quartet (U.S.)
Amati Quartet (Switzerland)
Mandelring Quartet (Germany)

Quatuor Manfred (France)
Cassatt Quartet (U.S.)
Keller Quartet (Hungary)
Brindisi Quartet (England)

Franciscan Quartet (U.S.)
Carmina Quartet (Switzerland)
Lark Quartet (U.S.)
Cavani Quartet (U.S.)

Colorado Quartet (U.S.)
Hagen Quartet (Austria)
Lydian Quartet (U.S.)
Mendelssohn Quartet (U.S.)
Eder Quartet (Hungary)

Wigmore Hall London International String Quartet Competition
Formerly London International String Quartet competition

next in 2018

2015 - results
First Prize - Van Kuijk Quartet
Joint Second - Verona Quartet , Piatti Quartet
Third - Aizuri Quartet

Arcadia Quartet
Meccorre String Quartet
Tesla Quartet

The Danish String quartet
Quatuor Voce
Signum Quartet

International Sándor Végh String Quartet Competition
newly found competition started in 2012

Kelemen Kvartett (H)
Benyounes Quartet (UK) - shared 2nd prize

Fischoff National Chamber Competition
wind ensemble and string quartet competition. The official Program Book is HERE

GOLD MEDAL - Zorá String Quartet, Bloomington, Ind.
SILVER MEDAL - Calla Quartet , The Colburn School, Los Angeles, Calif
BRONZE MEDAL - Autana Trio, Cleveland, Ohio

The Telegraph Quartet, California - 1st Prize

Omer Quartet - 1st Prize
Wasmuth String Quartet - 2nd
Trio Concorde - 3rd

Grand Prize
2013 Omer Quartet Ohio
2012 Barkada Quartet, Bloomington, IN
2011 Calidore String Quartet, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Old City String Quartet, Philadelphia PA
2009 Linden String Quartet, Cleveland, OH
2008 The N-E-W Trio, New York, NY
2007 Prima Trio, Oberlin, OH
2006 Ariel Quartet, Boston, MA
2005 Lloyd Carr-Harris String Quartet,Montreal, Canada
2004 Jupiter String Quartet, Boston, MA
2003 verklärte quartet, Cleveland, OH
2002 Quintet Attacca, Chicago, IL
2001 ninth circle saxophone quartet, Ann Arbor, MI
2000 Fry Street Quartet, Hickory, NC
1999 Corigliano String Quartet
1998 Avalon Quartet
1997 Elm City Ensemble
1996 Miro String Quartet
1995 Zephyros Wind Quintet
1994 The Arianna String Quartet
1993 Amernet String Quartet
1992 North Coast Trio
1991 Griffon String Quartet
1990 Trio Wanderer
1989 Miami String Quartet
1988 Lafayette String Quartet
1987 Harrington String Quartet

Senior String First Prize
2013 Wasmuth String Quartet, Indiana
2012 Tesla Quartet, Boulder, CO
2011 Calidore String Quartet, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Old City String Quartet, Philadelphia PA
2009 Linden String Quartet, Cleveland, OH
2008 The N-E-W Trio, New York, NY
2007 Prima Trio, Oberlin, OH
2006 Ariel Quartet, Boston, MA
2005 Lloyd Carr-Harris String Quartet,Montreal, Canada
2004 Jupiter String Quartet, Boston, MA
2003 verklärte quartet, Cleveland, OH
2002 Chiara String Quartet, Grand Forks, ND
2001 Eusia St. Qt., Chicago, IL
2000 Fry Street Quartet, Hickory, NC
1999 Corigliano String Quartet
1998 Avalon String Quartet
1997 Elm City Ensemble
1996 Miro String Quartet
1995 Sausalito St. Qt.
1994 Arianna St. Qt.
1993 Amernet String Quartet
1992 North Coast Trio
1991 Griffon String Quartet
1990 Trio Wanderer
1989 Miami St. Qt.
1988 Lafayette St. Qt.
1987 Harrington St. Qt.
1982 Ridge String Quartet

Senior String Second Prize
2013 Trio Concorde, New England
2012 Trio mod3tre, Boston, MA
2011 Aeolus Quartet, Austin, TX
2010 Chimeng Quartet, Annandale-on-Hudson NY
2009 Jasper String Quartet, New Haven, CT
2008 Jasper String Quartet, Houston, TX
2007 Klimt Trio, Cleveland, OH
2006 Kailas String Quartet, Houston, TX
2005 Kashii String Quartet, Cleveland, OH
2004 Calder Quartet, Los Angeles, CA
2003 Ensõ String Quartet, Houston, TX
2002 Xanadu Trio, New York, NY
2001 Biava St. Qt., Cleveland, OH
2000 New England Conservatory Honors String Quartet, Boston, MA
1999 Basmati String Quartet
1998 Coolidge String Quartet
1997 Lipatti String Quartet
1996 Montagnana St. Qt.
1995 Anacapa String Quartet
1994 Plymouth String Quartet
1993 Assai String Quartet
1992 Rackham String Quartet
1991 Stony Brook Grad. Trio
1990 Rosalyra Quartet
1989 Aureole Trio
1988 Augustine Quartet
1987 Lafayette String Quartet
1982 Ambrogio Trio

Senior String Third Prize
2012 Ariadne String Quartet, Cleveland, OH
2011 Persinger String Quartet, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Lysander Piano Trio, New York NY
2009 Lorien Trio, New Haven, CT
2008 Saguaro Piano Trio, Los Angeles, CA
2007 Schulich String Quartet,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2006 Hyperion String Quartet, San Diego, CA
2005 Vinca String Quartet, Boulder, CO
2004 Rothko String Quartet, New York, NY
2003 The Harding Trio, Cleveland, OH
2002 Jung Trio, New Haven, CT
2001 Proteus 5, New York, NY
2000 Gotham Quartet, Rice Univ., Houston, TX
1999 In Flight 3
1998 Brutini String Quartet
1997 Avalon String Quartet
1996 Pacifica String Qt.
1995 Pacifica String Qt.
1994 Trio Selka
1993 Hawthorne String Qt.
1992 Catalina Trio
1991 Noc-Noc Quartet
1990 Westbrook String Qt
1989 Powell String Quartet
1988 Aramis String Quartet
1987 (not published)
1982 (no 3rd prize awarded)

International Bordeaux String Quartet Competition
The website did not provide enough information about list of past winners

Schumann Quartett (Germany) - 1st
Ellipse Quartet (French) - 2nd
Dudok Kwartett (Netherland) - finalist
Tesla String Quartet (USA) - finalist

Zemlinsky Quartet - 1st
Raphael Quartet - 2nd
Zaide Quartet - Press Prize
Galatea Quartet - Prize of Ministry of Culture and Communication
Cecilia Quartet - Sacem Prize

International Chamber Music Competition Hamburg
String Quartet and Piano Trio competition

The third ICMC Hamburg competition to be held in 2017

Cavaleri Quartet - 1st, Mendelssohn prize
Calidore Quartet - 2nd
Cavatine Quartet - 3rd, Haydn prize

Arcadia String Quartet - 1st
Asassello Quartet - 2nd
Signum Quartett - 3rd

Beijing International Music Competition
This unique event is held for one specific ensemble/instrument each year. String Quartet section year was in 2011.

Kelemen Quartet (Hungary) - shared 1st
Quatuor Zaide (French) - shared 1st
Cuarteto Quiroga (Spain) - 3rd
Simply Quartet (China) - Promising young prize

St Martin’s Chamber Music Competition
 UK Scholastic string quartet competition

Jubilee Quartet - winner

Piatti Quartet - winner

International D.Shostakovich String Quarte Competition
This is a string quartet competition that organized in Russia and hailed Dmitry Shostakovich music. Less information to be found.

The first three competitions were held in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and from 1999 they have been held in Moscow.
Permanent chairman of the judges’ panel is Prof. V.A. Berlinsky – the People’s Artist, the winner of the USSR and Russian state awards, Cavalier of the IV Order “For the State Achievements”, Cavalier of the Legion of Honour.
During its 20-year history, the Competition has presented to the music world outstanding music quartets – Lark (USA), Danael and Ardeo (France), Medea (Great Britain), Meta4 (Finland), Phone-quartet (Italy), Lipatti Quartet (Romania), Kazakh State string quartet, and Russian quartets Anton, Eleanor, Dominant, Quinten, Mozart, Romantic, Twins.

2008 - 8th Edition
RUSQUARTET (Moscow Conservatory) - winner

Saint Paul String Quartet Competition
a scholastic string quartet competition in USA

Verita Quartet - Silver
Pike Stree Quartet - Bronze

Ligeia Quartet - Gold
Atara String Quartet - Silver
Luna String Quartet - Bronze

Quartet Morina (Midwest Young Artist) - Gold
Luna Quartet (Artaria Chamber Music School) - Silver, audience prize
Quatuor Alliance (Chamber Music Connection Ohio) - Bronze

Contrapunctus Quartet (Chicago) - Gold
Meshugene Quartet - Silver
Komar String Quartet (NY) - Bronze
Quartet Ventoso - audience prize

Quartet Toujours (Ohio) - Gold
Inferno String Quartet (Texas) - Silver
Malik String Quartet (Twin Cities) - Bronze
Everest String Quartet - audience prize

Emerald String Quartet (Chicago) - Gold
Quartet Danaë (Chicago) - Silver
Hubert Quartet (Ohio) - Bronze

Aurelia String Quartet (Chicago) - Gold, audience prize
Quartet Danaë (Chicago) - Silver
Arcobaleno Quartet (Ohio) - Bronze

Viaggio Quartet (Ohio) - Gold
Polaris Quartet - Silver
Melanzana - Bronze

Ridere String Quartet - Gold
Zeloso String Quartet - Silver
Opus Quartet - Bronze
Albero String Quartet - Audience prize

Alethea Quartet (Illinois) - 1st
Amici Quartet (Wisconsin) - 2nd
LNKS Quartet (Minneapolis) - 3rd

Quatuors a Bordeaux

2016 - Laureates
Quatuor AKILONE 1st Grand Prix Prize
QUatuor Mettis 2nd
Ex-aequo Quatuor Mettis-Quatuor Rolston - Durosoir Prix
Quatuor Berlin-Tokyo
Quatuor Omer
Quatuor MOA


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  2. Hello, I'm Eszter Major of the Pacific Quartet Vienna.
    Thank you for sharing the informations about the international Haydn competition in Vienna.
    What you wrote is not completely exact, the winners of the 2015 edition:
    Pacific Quartet Vienna shared 1st prize with the Abel Quartet.
    2nd prize not given
    There was a 3rd Prize to the Tesla Quartet.
    Thank you very much for correcting it.
    Best regards,
    Eszter Major

    1. updated the listing, thanks for your information and congratulations!

  3. Hello. The Saint Paul String Quartet is honored to be included on your list of string quartet competitions.
    We have a new web address. Please update:

    Thank you!

    Ray Shows
    Founder & Artistic Administrator

    1. Also there is updated FINALS information to add. Thanks again. RS

      Astera String Quartet - Gold
      Vieira String Quartet - Silver
      DAJJ Quartet - Bronze

      Chimera Quartet - Gold
      Quartet Diamont - Silver
      Quartet Degas - Bronze