Thursday, January 26, 2012

Haydn String Quartet Op.54 - Ysaye Quartet

Joseph Haydn's String Quartet
Performer: Ysaye Quartet
Label: Ysaye
Release: December 2011

Op.54 No.1 in G major
Op.54 No.2 in C major
Op.54 No.3 in E major
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Ysaye Quartet is a French based ensemble, previously success with the Mendelssohn set. Here they try to interpret one of the Haydn mid quartet.

Add in your collection of Haydn string quartet by this excellent CD of Op.54. Op.54 was composed a year after Op.50. Haydn's Op.50 already a more improvement on his previous string quartet, and Op.54 is the next continuation. Op.54 published around 1788 on the set of three string quartets, and usually coupled with Op.55 with the same number of quartet.

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