Sunday, October 14, 2012

George Onslow Op.9,10, 21 - Quatuor Ruggieri

George Onslow (1784-1853)
Performer: Quatuor Ruggieri
Label: agOgique
Released: November 2012

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We have another Onslow incoming, this time by French ensemble Quatuor Ruggieri. George Onslow 36 string quartets and 34 string quintets is still a rarity today. Only few recording of them available. For Quatuor Ruggieri, they recorded Op. 10 no.2 and Op.21 no.3. For Op.9 no.3 in F minor we already listened to them with Mandelring String Quartet but of course extra interpretation is welcome for this very good piece.

from the Label disc narrations:
A look into the historical context and musical illuminates the strange destiny of this composer who could say he had the misfortune of being born in the wrong place at the wrong time. In a market saturated with instrumental music "light" quartets Onslow undergo diffusion confidential in their time. When he died in 1853, composer Auvergne is the last representative of the French tradition of quartet and string quintet classics.

1-4 String Quartet op.10 n°2 in D minor 24.10
5-8 String Quartet op.9 n°3 in F minor 23.24
9-12 String Quartet op.21 n°3 Eb 22.18

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