Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Flonzaley Quartet - 1920 The Pullman Herald

This is one of my found string quartet article from a search in the Library of Congress. I manage to edit some of interesting stories. Check the other string quartet in old newspaper scan in this link.

The Flonzaley String Quartet was surely one of leading string quartet in America back in the day. This is a short article about the ensemble that to be performed at local area. Article from The Pullman Herald  23rd April 1920. The article passages:

Flonzaley Quartet in Pullman 1920

The Flonzaley Quartet is generally recognized as the leading string quartet of the present day. The string quartet produces the highest form of music and this concert should be one of the best ever heard in Pullman.

"They play more like angels than like men"—James G. Huneker in the New York Times.

"The Flonzaley Quartet is rapidly becoming the cult in the musical world."—H. E. Krehbiel in the New
York Tribune.

"The quartet is indisputably without a rival."—Philip Hale in the Boston Herald.

"Their perfection of technic, remarkable blending of tone and musical attainments rank them first in
artistic merit as an organization."
—Maurice Rosenfeld in the Chicago News.

"The finest quartet now in existence is the one calling itself the Flonzaley Quartet."- Philadelphia

Flonzaley String Quartet can be read further in Wikipedia.

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