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Franz Xaver Gebel String Quartets - Hoffmeister Quartet (2015)

Franz Xaver Gebel (1787-1843)
Performer : Hoffmeister Quartet
Label: Profil
Release: August 2015 - BUY IT HERE AMAZON

Another rarity found in Amazon today. Franz Xaver Gebel is mostly unknown, I went for research and found very little information on this guy. From Wikipedia :

Franz Xaver Gebel (1787 – 3 May 1843) was a German composer, music teacher, and conductor.

Gebel was born in Fürstenau, near Breslau, Silesia. He studied under Johann Georg Albrechtsberger and Abbé Vogler, and became Kapellmeister at Leopoldstadt in Vienna in 1810, then worked at a succession of theatres in Pest and Lemberg.

He moved to Moscow in 1817, where he would remain until his death in 1843. He taught piano, and became a significant figure in Moscow's musical life, teaching notable figures such as Nikolai Rubinstein and Alexander Villoing,[2] and organizing string quartet performances from 1829 to 1835.

He wrote operas, a mass, four symphonies, overtures, string quintets and quartets, and many piano pieces, among other works.

and from the CD notes :

Franz Xaver Gebels biographer Ernst Stöckl reported that while there were at least three Gebel string quartets, he was familiar with but one, the published Quartet in D major. Despite persistent research in Russian libraries, he was unable to find the others mentioned in contemporary discussions about concerts. Recently however, the sheet music for the Quartet in E-flat major, printed in Moscow around 1840, where Gebel spent the remainder of his life after 1817, was found in a German library. The Hoffmeister Quartet performs these rarely heard, little-known early-Romantic gems. 

another version...

Stöckl was unable to find any of Gebel’s later quartet compositions mentioned in contemporary discussions about concerts, despite persistent research and requests in Russian libraries. Thus it was a real stroke of luck when we discovered the printed music of the previously unknown Quartet in E-flat major. The sheet music, which was printed in Moscow around 1840, was found in the City Library of Hanover. sources

and ...

 A German who spent the last 25 years of his life as a valued teacher and performer in Moscow, Gebel (two of whose string quintets came out on MD&G in 1999) wrote the D major quartet just before leaving Germany in 1817 and the other in Moscow around 1840. Oddly the later one is in a Beethovenian severe classical style and the early one redolent of early Romanticism. Hoffmeister Quartet. sources

The trend of discovering string quartet music from the 18th century and put it right away to record is most encourage by we, fans of lost string quartet. The Hoffmeister Quartet already done the recording on Ferdinand Titz under PROFIL Label, so it is not new to the industry. The other F.X. Gebel record we can find is his String Quintet, recorded by MDG.

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String Quartet in D major
1. Allegro vivace
2. Menuetto, Presto
3. Andante
4. Presto

String Quartet in E-flat major op.27
5. Allegro con brio
6. Largo con espressione
7. Minuetto
8. Finale. Allegro

Hoffmeister Quartet :
Ulla Bundies, Violine
Christoph Heidemann, Violine
Aino Hildebrandt, Viola
Martin Seemann, Violoncello

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