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List of Hyacinthe and Louis-Emmanuel Jadin String Quartets

The two Jadin brothers composed numbers string quartets in their time. To avoid confusion this is the list of string quartets done by them, Hyancinthe Jadin and his elder brother Louis-Emmanuel Jadin.

Hyacinthe Jadin (April 27, 1776 – September 27, 1800)

3 String Quartets for 2 violins, viola, and violoncello Opus 1.
No.1 in B-flat Major (1795) recorded by  Franz Joseph Quartet , by Quatuor Cambini
No.2 in A Major (1795) by  Franz Joseph Quartet 
No.3 in F minor (1795) by  Franz Joseph Quartet , by Razumovsky Quartet

3 String Quartets Op. 2
No.1 in   E-flat Major (1796) by Franz Joseph Quartet, by Razumovsky Quartet
No.2 in   B minor (1796)
No.3 in   C (1796)

3 String Quartets Opus 3
No.1 in  C Major (1797) by Franz Joseph Quartet, by Quatuor Cambini
No.2 in  E Major (1797)
No.3 in  A minor (1797) by Quatuor Cambini

3 String Quartets Opus 4
No.1 in G Major (1798) by Razumovsky Quartet
No.2 in F (1798)
No.3 in D (1798)

Louis-Emmanuel Jadin (21 September 1768 – 11 April 1853)

3 String Quartets Book 1
No.1 in E-flat Major
No.2 in F minor by Franz Joseph Quartet
No.3 in C Major

3 String Quartets Book 2
No.1 in D minor
No.2 in B-flat Major
No.3 in A Major

 Franz Joseph Quartet
Razumovsky Quartet 
Quatuor Cambini 
Franz Joseph Quartet 

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