Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beautiful Bruch's String Quartets

One of favorite composer of the Romantic era, is Max Bruch. He is/was mostly known for his Violin Concerto No.1 in Gm, which is followed by another two VC (plus one Concert piece for Violin, supposed to be no.4 Concerto) and Scottish Fantasy. But recently, his chamber works are in revival. From what reading and reviews I gathered, his chamber are in good reception by classical lover.

Among the chamber works are two String Quartets, others are a Piano Quintet post-h published, a Clarinet, Viola and Piano trio, String quintets etc. For his String quartet that I found a need to add a writting. I've listen to Mannheimer version that recorded around 1998. Another form of recording are in MP3 album by Academica String Quartet.

The quartet tune are sweet and as Romantic as we all love. The quartets written in his younger years, no.1 in 1856-58 and no.2 in 1861. The Edition Silvertrust website appraise its similarity to Mendelssohn. Quartet No.1 started calmly with Andante marking, improved to more faster tempo but rely solely on its beautiful melody. The second are an Adagio and ended with an energico trio. Then all concluded by fourth ending movement. The Second quartet did the same things, in another version that resembles all the Romantic feeling in its highest moment.

A soundclip to String Quartet no.1 in Cm, III Allegro molto energico:

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