Friday, March 8, 2013

New Zealand String Quartet to Recover Violinist after Accident on Feb 2013

Unfortune situation also arise on the side of New Zealand String Quartet.

The News:

New Zealand String Quartet’s first violinist recovers from injury
March 7th, 2013

The New Zealand String Quartet’s first violinist Helene Pohl is recovering from a hand injury after being knocked off her bike in Wellington on 27 February. The accident happened when a motorist opened their car door without checking, causing Helene to swerve and fall off her bike. The fall resulted in a complex break to Helene’s left hand little finger which required plastic surgery. Helene is not expected to be able to play for at least eight weeks as the break heals.

Helene’s injury has had a significant impact on the Quartet’s performance schedule including its upcoming March South Island tour. Where possible concerts from this tour are being rescheduled for later in the year, including at Pen-y-bryn Lodge in Oamaru, Southminster Chapel, Te Anau and Barley Fields Estate in Wanaka.

full story on their official website - New Zealand String Quartet

Additional news from local press:

A cycling crash that broke the finger of a Wellington violinist could mean the New Zealand String Quartet having to cancel up to three months of bookings.

Helene Pohl was cycling down Durham St, in Aro Valley, to Oriental Parade about 6.30pm on Tuesday when a young man opened his car door in front of her, causing her to flip over the handlebars.

Pohl does not remember much of the collision, because of the speed with which it happened, but said she hit the car door and her finger took most of her weight when she landed.

Full story here.

Illustrated photos also published on their social network here

We encourage miss Helene Pohl good luck and for her fast recovery!

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