Friday, March 22, 2013

St Lawrence String Quartet to Seek New Violinist

It's look like there will be new opening in St. Lawrence String Quartet for violinist. The ensemble will bit farewell to their current violinist Scott St. John because of Scott residing to Canada. St. Lawrence String Quartet / SLSQ has held the position of Ensemble in Residence at Stanford University since 1998 in California.

The news in detail from their website:

St. Lawrence String Quartet announces pending personnel change19 Mar 2013

Dear Friends,
It is with mixed feelings we share the news of a pending personnel change in our Merry Little Band.
At the end of 2013, Scott St. John will be leaving the SLSQ to relocate to Canada with his family.
The SLSQ will commence a search immediately, with the goal of identifying St. John’s successor by early fall 2013, and completing the transition by January, 2014.

We are all sorry to see Scott leave the quartet -- he has been a substantial contributor to the most musically and personally rewarding of SLSQ's 24 years -- but we respect his decision and bid farewell with warm wishes. While his shoes will be hard to fill, we remain passionately committed to the great adventure that is quartet life. We eagerly look forward to continuing and building upon our commitments at Stanford, our worldwide touring, and projects with diverse composers and collaborators.”

In commenting on his decision Scott writes: “working with the SLSQ for the past seven years has been a fantastic experience. Every member of SLSQ is an inspired colleague and also a friend, and one could not ask for a more supportive environment at Stanford, or a more thrilling concert dynamic within the ensemble. While the decision to leave has been difficult, recently my own family obligations have become more important, and I look forward to being a full-time father when my family is settled in Canada.”

Jonathan Berger, Stanford University’s Denning Family Provostial Professor added: “the St. Lawrence String Quartet have had a transformative effect on the University community at-large, and have been integral to the critical role the arts play at Stanford. The crown jewels of the music program, the quartet's artistry, collegiality, and passion for chamber music is felt in concert, teaching, and diverse outreach activities. We look forward to many more years of their greatness!”

Over their careers they had put in recordings of string quartet repertoire, included John Adams, Shostakovich, Schumann and Tchaikovsky. See their stellar discography here and buy it here:

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