Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tokyo String Quartet Last Concert and CD Recital 1971

Tokyo String Quartet Last Concert WGBH this week. The ensemble had gone through 43 seasons, and called it a day this year. See report here:

by Cathy Fuller
Virtually everyone writing about the Tokyo String Quartet's final tour this year is drawn to the word "bittersweet," and with good reason: After 43 seasons, the group gave its farewell Boston concert last week at WGBH. The quartet is rising to the emotional occasion by playing with heightened finesse and dimension, sounding better than ever.

For all its "bittersweetness," the evening was a kind of high-tech house concert, as our carefully hung microphones and tyrannical digital clocks pulsed away in the gleaming beauty of the Fraser Performance Studio. From our state-of-the-art control room, we captured Tokyo's Boston farewell for our local audience and sent it out to the world in a live webcast.

At the same time, Tokyo String Quartet shall released one more CD. This time from their memorial recital 1971, thus the CD title.

The programs on that night was:

Alban Berg - String Quartet Op.3
Beethoven - String Quartet No.10 in Eb 'Harp' Op.74
Bartok - String Quartet No.1 Op. 7

It is under SWR Music and put on sale right now.

Tokyo String Quartet Recital 1971

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