Monday, April 21, 2014

Gaetano Brunetti String Quartets - Carmen Veneris (2014)

Gaetano Brunetti (1744 - Madrid, 1798)
Performer: Carmen Veneris, Spain
Label: Lindoro
Release: June 2014


Gaetano Brunetti's string quartets had been made into records by Schuppanzigh Cologne Quartett. Aside from those four quartets, we got now Carmen Veneris covering another four new quartets. Brunetti was Italian composer who gained his luck in the Spaniard monarchy. He was serving Charles III in 1767.

"Brunetti studied with violinist Carlo Tessarini, director of an academy in Fano, but believes further studies at Livorno with Nardini. It is a fact that when he arrived in Madrid with his father in 1762, he was already a skilled performer. He entered the service of Charles III in 1767 as a violinist of the Royal Chapel, going to be, three years later, the Prince of Asturias Professor. Also spent time in the service of the house of Alba, for which he wrote his Quartets Op.2, one of which opens the recording discussed.

To be crowned King Charles IV in 1788, Brunetti began his tenure as director of the Royal House, writing the Jason zarzuela and lots of orchestral works, including six symphonies, 34 overtures. The No. 33, called Il maniac trust is famous for the role of this character the cello. In chamber music was as relentless as his supposed adversary, Boccherini."
- Andrés Ruiz Tarazona  via Google translate

This made him the second composer who connected to the West, the other is Luigi Boccherini. His quartet also said to be connected with Joseph Haydn, whom believe to be his teacher also. From the booklet in Schuppanzigh CD, Brunetti's quartets included:
Six early quartets for Duke of Alba
Six quartet in 1774 op.2
Six short two movement quartets op.3
Six quartets in 1775 op.4
Six quartets in 1776 op.5
then composed sixteen quartets until 1792

The four quartets in Carmen Veneris repertoire are:

String Quartet in A minor op.2, n.4 L. 153 - Youtube sample
I. Allegro moderato 06:13
II. Minuetto. Trio 01:59
III. Andantino con un poco di motto 02:49
IV. Finale presto 01:31

String Quartet in G Major op.3, n.6 L. 161.
I. Andantino con variazioni 06:45
II. Allegro 03:48

String Quartet in B flat Major serie 8, n.7 L. 196.
I. Allegro maestoso 07:15
II. Largo sostenuto 06:08
III. Allegro non molto 05:13

String Quartet in D Major serie 8, n.10 L.199.
I. Allegro moderato 06:57
II. Largo cantabile 04:20
III. Allegro vivace 07:00

Carmen Veneris was founded in the year 2005 by Guillermo Martín and Pablo Almazán. They had been interested in searching Spanish Classical repertoire of 17th and 18th century. Carmen Veneris are:
Miguel Romero Crespo, violín
Rafael Muñoz-Torrero Santos, violín
Pablo Almazán Jaén, viola
Guillermo Martín Gámiz, violoncello
You can viewed their YOUTUBE Channel with excerpts of Gaetano Brunetti quartets.


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