Sunday, May 18, 2014

Forgotten String Quartet in hunt for the Greatest Forgotten String Quartets

If you are the reader of this blog I assume you also a keen follower on Forgotten String Quartets blog, who hunt and write for neglected string quartet pieces also. If you haven't now quick visit their blog. Their page has now open a voting game to hunt for the Greatest Forgotten String Quartets. Of course all most Beethoven,  Mozart and Haydn has been banned from the list. Instead we got to learn about Boccherini, Benjamin Franklin !, Pleyel, Saint-George, Niccola Paganini !!, Donizetti and so on.

Check their string quartet list and enjoy the discovery. If you stung by forgotten string quartet fever, please check our own recommendations here (posted 3 years ago....) and the bulky list of String Quartet Composers here.

Go to their voting page now!

UPDATED: I just learn that the voting game might be over already. The winner piece will get their concert by Goldner String Quartet and New Zealand String Quartet on the stage. Learn more about this on their discussion page HERE.

Forgotten String Quartets are regular read for our forgotten string quartet research, and I recommend this web whole heartily.

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