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Beethoven String Quartets Releases 2013

It's never as entertaining as listening to Beethoven's number with a new interpretation. Here some of new released around late 2012 to 2013, some of new ensembles and also those quartet who had been around.

New Zealand String Quartet - Beethoven Op.59 no.2 and no.3 - Buy AMAZON 

Right from New Zealand, the quartet ambitiously performed the full cycle of Beethoven's String Quartet on their recent set. Two of the number, Op.59 no.2 in E minor and  Op.59 no.3 in C were recorded by Atoll label. As for trivia news, earlier this year their first violinist suffered serious injury.

Ysaye Quartet - Beethoven Op. 18 no3 , Op.74 'Harp', Op.135 - Buy AMAZON

This is an interesting coupling from Ysaye Quartet / Quatuor Ysaye. The choice of Beethoven's Early quartet No.3 in D Op.18/3, then the middle Op.74 'Harp' and to final in Op.135 in F. Those who looking for fine interpretation of Beethoven and wanted to examine the contrast between each phase will find this CD helpful. Ysaye Quartet announced their disbanding plan in future 2014, so this might be added another valuable factor to the CD.

Valentine Berlinsky Quartet - Shostakovich String Quartet No.3 Op.73, Beethoven 'Rasumovsky' Op.59 No.2 - Buy from AMAZON

This quartet based in Zurich coupling Beethoven with Shostakovich. Both composers provided pinnacle output in chamber music on their respective time era, so why not comparing both in one CD. The package comes in two plates: CD 1 - Shostakovich no.7 in F sharp minor, no.8 in C minor and Beethoven Op.59 no.1 in F. Then the second CD released in 2013 is Shostakovich no.3 in F and Beethoven Op.59 no.2 in E minor. The Rasumovsky quartets Op.59 looks like an evergreen popular of quartet to being covered in 2013.

Talich Quartet - Complete Beethoven String Quartet (Boxset 2013) - Buy From Amazon

Begin in 2012, Talich Quartet set to clean their stock with warehouse sale of all re-released back catalog. Beethoven complete string quartets got it chances for being released in early 2013 (Amazon). This historical boxset recorded from 1977 - 1981, so expect the vintage recording sounds. The package is in seven CDs.

Suske String Quartet - Complete Beethoven String Quartet (Brilliant Classic, 2013) - Buy From Amazon

And if you prefer the budget Brilliant Classics boxset, here is the latest cheap box for Beethoven. Played by Suske String Quartet, which is little known. The boxset is only USD 9.99. Even amazing, this is also part of ultimate complete Beethoven boxset.

Belcea String Quartet - Complete Beethoven String Quartet Vol.1 - Buy from Amazon

This is a new Beethoven cycle recorded in our time by Belcea String Quartet. Recorded around 2011, Belcea then followed with their ambitious project to concert all Beethoven number on stage. The CD been divided into volumes, and we only received volume 1 in 4 CDs for now.
CD 1 - Quartet No. 6 in B flat major, Op. 18 No. 6 - Quartet No. 12 in E flat major, Op. 127
 CD 2 - Quartet No. 2 in G Op. 18 No. 2 - Quartet No.9 in C Op. 59 No. 3 'Rasumovsky No. 3'
 CD 3 - Quartet No. 11 in F minor Op. 95 'Serioso' - Quartet No. 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 131
 CD 4 - Quartet No. 1 in F Op. 18 No. 1 - Quartet No. 4 in C minor, Op. 18 No. 4
for detail preview see this blog entry

Brentano String Quartet - Beethoven Late Quartets Op.127 Op.131, Op.132, Op.135 - Amazon

Brentano String Quartet focused on Beethoven's Late quartets, the music is official soundtrack on the movie "A Late Quartet". Beethoven's late quartet are main theme in the movie. Brentano made this a classic and did not turn this into too movie orientated. Two CDs, first on String Quartet No. 12 Op.127 in Eb and Quartet No.14 Op. 131 in C sharp minor. Then Quartet No. 15 in A minor Op.132 and No.16 in F major Op.135. Interesting the movie avoid the over exposed GroBe Fugue Op.133, which is a good thing. Cellist Nina Lee making a move in the movie as cameo.

Quartetto di Cremona - Complete Beethoven String Quartet Vol. 1 - Buy From Amazon

Now the Italian also injected some new air for Beethoven. This fresh interpretation from Quartetto di Cremona do String Quartet No.6 in B flat major Op.18-6, No.11 in F minor Op.95 'Seriosa', and no.16 in F major, Op. 135. So, another interesting coupling with all Beethoven's era in one CD. Ultimately the choices is also interesting, seeing Quartet No.6 which is widely considered a light piece to concluded Op.18 and then move to Seriousa and the ultimate No.16 in F. The Quartet had been touring world wide, so they are experience enough to tackle these pieces into recording. The Label is Audite.

Hagen String Quartet - Beethoven Op.18 No.3 , Op.18 No.5 , Op. 135 - Buy From Amazon

This is yet another fresh recording from Hagen String Quartet. As experiences as they are, the choices are the earliest Beethoven quartets, Quartet No.3 in D Op.18 No.3, Quartet No.5 in A , then gone to the final Op.135 in F. Hagen put Beethoven cycle on stage in season 2012/13 in Paris, New York, Tokyo and then recorded these three pieces in between. This is also their 30th anniversary season, marked the move to new Label Myrios, instead of long time DG label.

Chiaroscuro Quartet - Beethoven Op. 95 'Serioso', Mozart K.546 Adagio and Fugue in C minor, K.428 Quartet No.16 in Eb - Buy From Amazon

Chiaroscuro Quartet hailed from London, newly formed in 2005. The most important information here is, they are playing on period instruments. So this make it interesting for Beethoven 'Serioso' to get fresh listening on period instrument. To make it more Classical, two Mozart number were added. The Haydn Quartet, Mozart K.428 is perfect companion, then the 'filler' K.546 is interesting to get known. Check this fresh artist CD. It's published by well known Harmonia Mundi label.

Gurzenich Quartet - Beethoven Op.18 No.5, Brahms String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 51 - Buy From Amazon

The googling tells us Gurzenich Quartet is already established since 1888! They are the string quartet form of the the G├╝rzenich-Orchestra. Today's incarnation of the quartet recorded the sample of their masterful interpretation, the chosen repertoire is Beethoven No.5 in A major Op.18 no.5, then Brahms String Quartet No.2 in A minor Op.51. Both works actually coming from different styles, the late Classical Beethoven and Romanticism of Brahms. So, it's an interesting coupling as well. The back cover however tells this is dated 2010.

Allegri String Quartet - Beethoven Op.18 No.3, Op.18 No.4, Op.18 No.5 - Buy It HERE AMAZON

Founded in 1953 by Eli Goren, William Pleeth, Patrick Ireland and James Barton, the Allegri Quartet is Britain's longest-running chamber music ensemble, sustained over six decades by successive generations of the finest international performers. That's what the website tells us about Allegri String Quartet. Surely this make Beethoven early Op.18 recording worth to examined. They cover three set of quartet from the Opus, no.3 in D, No.4 in C minor and No.5 in A. The label is Vivat music and the "Volume 1" suggest it will has another volume in the future.

Miro Quartet - Beethoven Op.59 - Buy it HERE at AMAZON

The 1996 Fischoff winner (and also plenty others), Miro Quartet set another recording of Beethoven. This time the Razumovsky are presented in complete set. All Razumovsky Op.59 no.1 in F, Op.59 no.2 in E minor and Op.59 no.3 in C got a new touch under this experience quartets. They had previously put all Op.18 in recording by Vanguard Label. This Op.59 will be released under Longhorn music.

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